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HSI- 防竄改信號接近開關


It is a high-sensitivity, tamper-proof sensor. ?Can reliably handle over 1 million cycles ?RoHS Compliant


Security system integrators Security product end users 用於各行業安防系統


?Air Gap Range: 0 to 3/16 inch (0-4.8 mm) ?Lateral (left/right) Alignment for Secure: 3/16 inch (4.8 mm) typical ?Door Opening Gap for Secure (Gap of Separation): ±1/4 to ±1/2 inch (6.35-12.7 mm) ?Ambient Temperature Range: -31°F to +158°F (-35°C to +70°C) ?Mounting Environment: Indoor or Outdoor, Ingress or Egress Door, Ferrous or Nonferrous Surfaces ?Power: 4.5 to 25.2 V DC, 5 mA typ., 10 mA max ?Output “Off” Max Leakage Current: 10 μA DC ?Output “Off” Max Voltage: 30 V DC ?Output “On” Max Resistance: 0.9 Ohm ?Output “On” Max Current: 0.2 A ?Output “On” Max Power: 6 W ?Transient Protection: Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Thermal Overload